The C World Content Marketing Meetup

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.

Hasan Ali Gumani, a connoisseur of content and a professional in content marketing and holds an expertise in technical writing. He is an author of two books “And they called it A Love Story” and “The Geek who Took My Gold”. 

In our Content Marketing Meetup, Hasan explained the importance of Content Marketing in Digital marketing. In the Discussion at Meetup, he shared many new models, tools and his own experiences in content writing.

 1. THE ‘C’ WORLD 

  1.   THE ‘C’ WORLD 

‘C’  here means Content. Content writing is a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of videos, Posts, Blogs on social media and other online platforms,

He discussed four important components-

  • Create
  • Publish
  • Promotion 
  • Performance


Every word influences people so it is important to learn how to frame and present the content is such a manner that the reader can understand it. 
While writing content some elements should be taken into notice i.e the language of the content, Content type and its length, search engine optimization, and the tools used and many more.


  • Understand clients and requirements
  • Research 
  • Prepare the first Draft
  • Don’t over commit
  • Use tools to check the Content Plagiarism
  • Take feedback
  • Copyrights


      For creating text content – Microsoft Word, Notepad, PDF Creators, etc.

      For proofreading – Grammarly

      For Images – Canva

Participants also learned two major lessons. Firstly, to forecast the upcoming events before making a strategy and secondly one should always have a B plan, to rectify things even at the last moment.

Fun Activities along with learning  

After the session, all the students altogether had some fun activities, snacks, and games. All the students are divided into groups and are given three tasks to do. 

  • In the First task, every group had to write a content describing product within 50-80 words using keywords.
  • In the second one, an outline of a story was given in two lines and all the groups had to complete the same story.
  • And in the last one, everyone had to create a Creative ( social media copy)

All four groups performed so well using their creative minds.

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