Creative Thinking in Design with Toheed Hussain

This month’s meetup was with someone who doesn’t just believe in designing but also creating identities.

We met Mr. Toheen Hussain Patel, a man with immense talent and exposure. A graphic designer by profession and a photographer for love, we can’t think of a better person to explain the creative side of the world.

The meet-up began with a game on logo creation and swiftly moved towards the importance of designing in the digital world and how the culture impacts it.

Furthermore, we learned about the usage of applications like Canva and Photopea and an entire section dedicated to typography, color theory which left every head turning in no time.

With this, we had a practical session on tracing, how to create a logo from scratch.

For us, it was a session for incisive and yet thoughtful discussions coming straight from the hearts of digital marketers and their passion for creating something creative.

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